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Should I Buy New or Used?

Should I Buy a New or Used Car? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Buy Brand New

Every year in the UK, used car sales outnumber the sales of brand new cars, by around three to one. This also aligns with the statistic that more of us are opting to buy used cars rather than new, with the volume of used car sales gradually increasing year-on-year.


It’s worth understanding that buying a used car doesn’t necessarily mean buying a car that is at least three years old but is a car that has a previous owner, whether the car is six years old or even six months old. You can still buy a ‘new’ used car that still has the joys of a new car, but with the reduced price tag. A used car doesn’t always mean an old car!


Searching for your next car but can’t decide between investing in a new car or a used car? As a used car dealership in Loughborough, we stock a wide range of used cars with all of your favourite makes and models. And with over 250 quality cars in our collection, we’re sure to have something to suit your taste and budget.


Used cars VS new cars? This guide explains the benefits of buying a used car rather than a new car, and why you probably shouldn’t buy brand new.

More Affordable

On average, used cars are almost 50% cheaper than new cars, meaning that used cars are far more affordable. As most drivers have their vehicles for around six years, we are seeing more and more drivers starting to switch a lot sooner.


Arguably the biggest benefit of buying used is that the money saved by buying used means that money can be spent elsewhere, whether it be towards annual MOT’s, annual road tax or car insurance.

Vehicle Depreciation

Another major deciding factor of buying used is that new cars take a massive hit of depreciation, which stands at around 20% depreciation wiped out as soon as the car leaves the showroom. 


This is why if you are looking at buying brand new, it may be worth looking into purchasing a new car after a few months of it being produced. The benefit of this is that you can still benefit from the joy of buying brand new, along with having a manufacturer’s warranty, but the cost of the car is massively reduced compared to its original value from several months before.

Dealer Expertise

Buying from a used car dealership gives you access to greater technical knowledge and mechanical expertise. 


For a start, a used car dealer will have far more knowledge of other makes and models as opposed to a dealership with knowledge on just their own brand. This means that a used car dealership can give you unbiased advice on which vehicle may be better suited for your needs and budget.

Better Selection of Used Cars

Used car dealerships have a wide selection of used cars in their stock, and at Parkland Motors, we stock over 250 quality cars in our collection. Whereas new cars purchased from an original dealership typically lack selection and variety. 


This often means that you may need to visit a number of dealers to find the right vehicle to suit you, rather than having them all under one roof. If you are happy to buy a used car, the selection is endless which makes it easier to find the right car for you.


Cheaper Road Tax

Brand new models are generally more expensive to tax and insure compared to slightly older models, with owners of cars valued at over £40,000 when brand new being forced to pay an additional £325 per year for five years, on top of their standard road tax.


As well as being more affordable to buy, you’ll also be saving a substantial amount on road tax with a used car. Vehicle taxes are often determined according to the retail value of a car. Of course, we do advise researching tax and insurance costs before making a decision.

Supplementary Features

Looking for top of the range features in your next car? Well, if you buy brand new, these additional features come at a cost - and a large cost at that! Whether you’re looking for a sunroof, leather seats, high-range audio systems or a built-in navigational system, additional features can be a small fortune to add on to your brand new vehicle. As well as this, it can also take a lot longer to receive your vehicle if you are customising it with these features.


However, a used car that has already been fitted with these features is far more cost-effective as these features won’t add much to its second-hand price, and it also takes away the need to wait around for these features to be fitted off of the production line. 

More Affordable Repairs

When it comes to the time of carrying out repairs for your car and needing to replace parts, for example, tyres or brake discs and pads, used cars are much easier to fix compared to brand new cars. 


Parts are much easier to source and are also a lot cheaper for used cars in comparison to new cars, making it quicker and cheaper when it comes to repairing and annual MOT’s. Parts are readily available and can very easily be bought online, whereas parts for brand new cars have to be sourced from official retailers, resulting in longer waiting times and can often be harder to come by!

No Waiting Period

If you’re buying brand new, you should take into account that you’ll be likely to wait several weeks (or even more) for your vehicle to be ready for collection. As well as this, the more additional features you choose to be added to your vehicle, the longer you’ll need to wait for it to be ready.


On the other hand, used cars are generally ready to go with a quick, easy and straightforward transaction. Most often, used cars are ready to take home on the very same day.

Looking at Buying a Used Car?

Well, you’ve come to the perfect place. We stock an impressive range of used cars to suit all styles, lifestyles and even budgets. Book a test drive and make the decision yourself!


Here at Parklands Motors, for your peace of mind, all of our vehicles come with a minimum of 8 months MOT, up to date oil service, and also go through a rigorous 85-point pre-delivery inspection prior to the collection/delivery of the vehicle. 


We are more than happy to talk you through your family car requirements and help you find the best family car to suit you. Contact us today for more information on our cars and services.